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Gallagher School of Irish Dancing is committed to promoting Irish Heritage through the learning of Irish Dance in competitive and non-competitive classes.

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The Gallagher School of Irish dancing has two locations one in Scranton at the Ics and one in East Stroudsburg. Fedelmia Gallagher the teacher was born in Derry , Northern Ireland and has won many competitions and taught many champions. Conleth Mullan lives in Derry, Northern Ireland and is also a teacher with the school. The school offers competitive and non competitive classes. Irish dancing is no longer just about the beautiful artistry but also is very athletic. It is great exercise. Fedelmia would like to offer an adult class for the fitness factor very soon in the Scranton area. There will also be a new class starting in September and there is a month of free lessons so a child can see whether they would enjoy the classes. The school has students from the age of 4 all the way to 24 at the moment. People think it's all about wigs and costumes but Fedelmia is trying to focus her classes on the dancing. These girls are together several days a week and are disciplined and have strong work ethics and know how to work towards a goal. They learn how to win graciously and how to lose gracefully. They are a team and have formed strong bonds of friendships and camaraderie.

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